Coupons – What and Where

29 01 2017

I LOVE saving money, it makes my crafting dollars go further 🙂 Because crafting supplies aren’t a life necessity (although it feels like it at times) I try not to pay full price for any of it. Coupons are amazing things and the three big crafting stores in my area have them. But did you know, that each store has it’s own rules for what those coupons can be used on? If not, here’s a quick run through that pertains mostly to paper crafting supplies (Obviously, there are other exclusions, so don’t forget to read through the exclusions yourself 🙂 )

Let’s start with Michael’s. Right now they  have a 30% off Entire Purchase ( I think I need to go to the store tomorrow 😉 ) But not really the entire purchase if you’re buying certain things.

Paper crafting Exclusions: Silhouette, Cricut and Canon BRANDS which means NO accessories or machines by these companies are eligible for the coupon. You need a new blade for your Silhouette? You pay full price for it. True story, this is how I found out about the exclusion without reading the coupon.

Next is JoAnn’s. One of the cool things about their coupons, is they let you use more than one if they’re different types of coupons. For example, you can’t use a 15% off Entire purchase then turn around and use a $5 off entire purchase. BUT, you can use a 30% off one item and a 15% off entire purchase. Fun, right? And when your entire purchase but one item was already on sale, well, you might kind of feel a little like a bandit running off with the loot.

Paper crafting Exclusions: all paper crafting machines, cartridges, dies, printers and accessories. <— that’s the majority of what I’m looking for.

Theirs used to say Cricut Brand, but it doesn’t anymore, so I’m not sure if Cricut brand embossing folders are excluded or not. For this store, I wait for sales, like the embossing folder sale when it’s buy 5 for $10 – that makes them just $2 each – even the larger ones. This may have happened last night when I went in looking for ONE embossing folder.

Last is Hobby Lobby. I ❤ them. They always have a 40% off coupon available for me, and I can use it all six days they’re open (I’m just not supposed to use it more than once in a day) and you can share the coupon with people in line, if you want, because maybe their little one was teething on their iPhone and now it wont turn on and they can’t get to their coupon. But they have some exclusions, too.

Paper crafting exclusions: Cricut PRODUCTS, Gemini Machine, Crafters Companion (I don’t know what this is, but it’s listed with the other paper crafting items), and Silhouette Cameo MACHINE

So even at Hobby Lobby, Cricut products aren’t coupon eligible, which makes me think this limitation comes from the manufacturer, not the stores since it’s consistent across the three stores in my area. However, it looks like Silhouette accessories ARE coupon eligible at Hobby lobby and JoAnn’s.

Maybe one of these days I’ll make a chart so I know which things to buy at which store to maximize my money savings from coupons. But not today. Today, I have some paper calling my name 😀

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*** obviously coupons can change, so don’t take this as gospel, you can double check the coupons before you use them, just in case.

***Also, I know there are other craft stores, these are just the major players in my neck of the woods, so I have their app on my phone and could look up the current exclusions.


I Wasn’t Chosen

29 01 2017

as part of the Silhouette design team. And you know what?


They were right.


This wasn’t my best work.


I had the wrong deadline date in my head (I had the day they let the applicant’s know confused as the deadline) (Numbers are hard guys, don’t judge) 😉 I realized two hours before the deadline that I’d jumbled those dates and rushed to pull everything together. My husband, who had just gone to bed, came back down and helped me. It wasn’t polished. It wasn’t like the examples online that they’d linked to – I’d put things down while putting the document together with the idea that I would go back and edit and make it like the examples. Once we turned it into a PDF, my links no longer worked (which was kind of important) and we didn’t have time to trouble shoot. I basically turned in something a little more than a rough draft, I think I at least caught most of the typos.

I think being on the design team would be a really great opportunity to reach out and explore. To maybe be helpful even, so I want to try again next year. I already have a plan in place to avoid some of these same pit falls – like putting the deadline on my calendar. So until then, more coloring, more paper crafting, maybe some helpful info I can pass a long, but mostly, life as normal and that life includes paper 🙂

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Think Spring!

26 01 2017

I’m eagerly awaiting spring. While I’m waiting, I’m doing spring projects in the hopes it will somehow hurry things a long 🙂


I used a stamp and die set from Stampendous and used my copics to color it. The hanging flowers, those I cut out by hand, but it’s definitely a place pixscan would come in handy, but I think I need to tweak it a little. The white mat was created in Silhouette by combining a few shapes 🙂

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Need Something to Warm Your Heart?

22 01 2017

This might be just what you need.

Our daughter surprised us with this about six months ago. I ❤ it.

Happy Sunday.

Flowers That Won’t Make You Sneeze

21 01 2017

This is another time I went a little crazy. I made a dozen roses using the file from Mom’s Garden Gifts found at SVG Cuts. I didn’t like the flat color after cutting things out, so I added details to the leaves and color to the petals. These were going to a friend who’s father-in-law passed away so I inked ten flowers to look like peace roses. I did one red rose, and one white rose.

The vase is also part of the kit, and I stamped fairy images around the bottom and added rhinestones to the band at the top.

I also made a card to go with it. It says:

Peace Roses for comfort

A white rose for the departed

A red rose for the broken hearted




21 01 2017

fullsizerender47There’s this cute little machine full of magic that allows you to MAKE YOUR OWN STAMPS!

So I did.

Luckily, Silhouette is having a sale on supplies and such, so I can stock up on more Mint supplies 😀

A Little More 3D

21 01 2017

I really like 3D projects. I’ve been drawing since I was eight and from the very beginning I wanted things to have dimension and shape, I just didn’t know how to do it. And now, what feels like eons later, I can make things with paper that have dimension and shape. I’m kind of in heaven with this machine 😉



The first  is a purse from the kit Luxury Handbags at SVG Cuts. I used embossing folders to add texture to the green areas. This is an awesome way to give gift cards or small gifts.

The last two are working clocks made out of paper. They’re from the kit Maison de Madeline at SVG Cuts. I was making them for my kids, but the baby showed up while I was working on a third one and I haven’t gotten back to them 😦

The snow princess clock uses snowflakes and a Snow Maiden from the Silhouette Store, but I altered the Snow Maiden. The snowflakes she was blowing blocked the numbers on the clock.

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