Yay! Done!

31 03 2012

Okay, except for the blogroll info that I need to collect, I can cross this project off my goal sheet 🙂

In other news: Got out for my first double digit bike ride today. 10.82 – I could easily have hit 11 miles, but dh wouldn’t stop until he had a higher number, so I let him have 11. I also rode 4+ miles with my son earlier in the day, so my Saturday total was higher than his anyway 😉

I set a 500 mile goal for cycling this year, and after the first week, I’m 473.5 miles away from it 😀

Almost Done!

30 03 2012

Just need to get a few more things working and I can let people know about my website 😀

Need to put up something under the writing section, and figure out how to make my Blogroll work right… then voila! I’ll be done, and can check another writerly goal off my list.

In other goal news, my mileage goal for bicycling this year is 500. This is my first week, and I’ve taken 11.4 miles off that goal. I’m hoping for a double digit ride tomorrow. I’m signed up for a Cabin Fever ride on the 14th, which should also be double digit. And we’re already signed up for the MS ride later in the year. If you want to be part of a team and raise money for MS research, we’ve got space, just let me know 🙂

Finding My Feet

28 03 2012

We were out of town for a couple weeks, and recently returned. Sadly, it wasn’t a vacation. My mother-in-law passed and we drove from the mid-west to the east coast.

The whole time we were there, writing never crossed my mind. We were physically and emotionally drained.

We’ve been home for four days now, trying to get back to life. In that time, this is the first day that I’ve felt mentally like I could jump back into writing. I’ve been using the distraction method of coping with her passing, and writing was just too still. Too easy for memories and emotions to beat at me.

But not today. I’ve been getting things organized so I can start book two of a sci-fi I’m working on. My goal for starting book two is Monday, April 2.

I’m looking foward to it.

Getting Started

10 03 2012

One of my writing goals this year has been a website type place. This is it 🙂 I’m working the bugs out of it right now. Thanks!