The Important Things pt 2

21 01 2017

After the election there were a lot of confused and scared people. Many of them were younger and don’t remember having another POTUS. I felt bad and mentioned that I just wanted to hug everyone and help them feel better. That weekend, I made these.  I wanted to make quite a few of these little flags, so print and cut wasn’t my best option. Instead, I used a pen and let the Silhouette write these words out for me then I sent it through the Silhouette again and let it cut them out. I did two pages of these then handed them off to my daughter who used a hot glue gun and attached the hugs to the flags right in the circle I provided for her.

It was fun using basic shapes to design the flags, but even better was the chance for some of my kids to try and make a small difference. They took a bag of these to school with instructions to hand them out to people who seemed upset. When they did, they gave out two. One for the person to eat and one for the person to share. One of my girls reported that at the end of the day, someone gave her one of the hugs. It was the perfect ending.





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