I Wasn’t Chosen

29 01 2017

as part of the Silhouette design team. And you know what?


They were right.


This wasn’t my best work.


I had the wrong deadline date in my head (I had the day they let the applicant’s know confused as the deadline) (Numbers are hard guys, don’t judge) 😉 I realized two hours before the deadline that I’d jumbled those dates and rushed to pull everything together. My husband, who had just gone to bed, came back down and helped me. It wasn’t polished. It wasn’t like the examples online that they’d linked to – I’d put things down while putting the document together with the idea that I would go back and edit and make it like the examples. Once we turned it into a PDF, my links no longer worked (which was kind of important) and we didn’t have time to trouble shoot. I basically turned in something a little more than a rough draft, I think I at least caught most of the typos.

I think being on the design team would be a really great opportunity to reach out and explore. To maybe be helpful even, so I want to try again next year. I already have a plan in place to avoid some of these same pit falls – like putting the deadline on my calendar. So until then, more coloring, more paper crafting, maybe some helpful info I can pass a long, but mostly, life as normal and that life includes paper 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!



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