Why I Create

I was asked this question recently and it took me a minute to figure it out.

There’s a few reasons; I love the process of creating, it’s freeing. I love the joy of surprising someone with a handmade card or 3D project.

But most of all, I create because it’s who I am. It’s part of me. It’s been with me since I was at least eight years old. I remember being so frustrated that my mind could break down an image and I could see the individual lines, but I couldn’t get my little eight year old hands to draw what I saw. I may have thrown the pencil across the room…

My dad reminded me that I was *only* eight and would need to practice. I’ve been practicing ever since.



4 responses

16 03 2012

🙂 good work

6 11 2012

You have also gotten really close…

20 08 2017

What a lovely man your dad is, with great advice. So glad you persevered. I too couldn’t live without my creative endeavours.

20 08 2017

Thank you. I think so, too 🙂

Those creative endeavors let me see the world in so many different ways. It would be like living in black and white instead of color 🙂

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