This is What it’s All About – JJ’s Tails: SERVICE DOG FILES

21 01 2020

Okay, this is actually about JJ’s little brother, but the rest of my title is absolutely on point.

Little man has been having a really rough time lately. He’s been very emotional. The fits, tantrums, and melt downs have gone up. He’s the youngest of 7 and within a short period of time, two of his older sisters spread their wings and moved out (about 2 weeks apart) and we think this has a lot to do with him being as emotional as he’s been.

Sunday, trying to get to church was hard. We walked into the building and he was heading for a melt down. I was able to get Grady in there pretty quickly and asked my little guy if he needed to snuggle Grady.

He did.

And the meltdown was interrupted before it really got started.


And this is what this whole process is all about. This is why all the fundraising pleas. All the hours of looking for just one more idea to help raise money. The time spent in community outreach and working with sponsors to try and raise awareness for my son’s needs.

This moment, when my son was calmed and a meltdown avoided because of an amazing dog that sensed he needed something…

This is what it’s all about.

If you want to learn more about JJ or help him out, you can find both options

here: HELP JJ

I Had the Cutest Visitor! JJ’s Tails: SERVICE DOG FILES

1 01 2020

Holy cuteness batman!

On Tuesday, my sister and her husband stopped by (we live quite a distance from each other, so just that was a treat) with the sweetest visitor.

This is JJ and Cupcake.


Cupcake is the pick of the litter. My sister and her husband, of 2Hartz Rottweilers, are donating the proceeds from her sale to JJ’s Paws 4 Autism fundraiser and we’re extremely grateful for their generosity.

Here’s another shot of Miss Cupcake, passed out on my lap πŸ™‚ She has the cutest little feet!


Adorable, right? They won’t be ready to go for a bit (February), but there’s nine more puppies if you guys are interested in adding a new best friend to your life. You can find more information here: Adorable Rotti Puppies

And as the icing on the “Cupcake,” the family that bought her knew where the proceeds for her were going, and that was one of the reasons they wanted first pick πŸ™‚ I really like nice people.

As you may know, this was one of our fundraisers, so it is now closed. Thank you all for your kindness ❀️

For more information about JJ’s Paw’s 4 Autism fundraising and why he needs a service dog, or if you’re interested in donating to JJ’s page, you can find the info here : Help JJ

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14 12 2019

Exciting news for my local people!

First, you should head on over to theΒ Paws 4 Autism FB page if you, or someone you know, really wants a massage! We have a Massage Envy gift card up for grabs! First person who donates $75 or more (it’s a $95 value) to JJ’s fundraising page (starting 12/12/19) gets the card! Here’s the link to the fundraising page (Make Magic for JJ, Β is at the bottom) if you’re interested in claiming that gift card! You can get to his page from here or from the Paws FB page!

Next – ARE YOU HUNGRY?! DO YOU LIKE TO EAT? Then we’ve got a deal for you!

Head to the Granite City Food and Brewery in Zona Rosa on 12/19/19 (that’s coming up quick!) and enjoy some great food! While you’re there, if you mention Paws 4 Autism, they’ll donate 20% back from your sales to Paws 4 Autism! We’re so grateful for this chance to work with others in the community to raise awareness and money for the Paws organization which is a completely volunteer run organization.

Granite City Flyer 2019

Again, it’s only at the Zona Rosa location, and you need to mention Paws 4 Autism πŸ™‚

Also, my birthday is the following day, so feel free to have some dessert after your meal to help me celebrate πŸ˜‰

Thanks for stopping by! As always, sharing is encouraged!



7 12 2019

Who’s a good boy? Grady’s a good boy!

Part of fostering and training the service dogs with Paws 4 Autism is getting them out and about and experiencing new things, people, and places. Admittedly, Grady is training me – and that’s a good thing πŸ™‚

Recently, we took a trip to physical therapy. Grady’s a good boy, so it was easy to work. He knew what he was supposed to do. And now I have a better idea of what it needs to look like when we’re working with a less experienced dog. Things like where he needs to be when I’m on the elliptical. Or on the table. Or working with the weights. But he’s a pro at this, so I tried to take my cues from him.

He was such a good boy. Once we found a good spot, where he’d be out of the way, he just laid down and waited.

Thanks for being such a good trainer Grady πŸ™‚

As you know, we’re fundraising for a service dog of our own for my 8yo son so he can feel safe going back to school and just navigate his world easier. If you feel you can give something, here’s his DONATION PAGE. Thank you ❀️


Big Service Dog News!

5 12 2019

I wish I could tell you we’ve already met our fundraising goal – we haven’t. BUT, there’s still some really cool news in this part of our lives!

Everyone, meet Grady!img_9961

Grady is 10 and as far as we know, he was the FIRST Autism Service Dog in the Kansas City area!

As part of our journey, we’re helping foster and train the dogs in the Paws 4 Autism program. But we’re new, so Grady, the veteran of the dogs, is training us πŸ™‚ He’s semi-retired and is switching into this new role of training people πŸ˜€

Already, we’ve seen good changes for JJ. Some repetitive motions are being interrupted as he takes on some responsibilities of caring for Grady, and he’s providing a WEALTH of positive interactions with people.

One of the other things that sets Grady apart from the rest of the pack, is that he’s the ONLY lab in the program. The rest of the boys are poodles πŸ™‚

Grady joined us about five days ago. We’re still learning each other, but it’s getting smoother. I’m so excited to be working with such a great dog ❀️

As always, here’s JJ’s Donation page, if you can give a little, it will be appreciated a lot.

Thank you!


Giving Tuesday and Service Dogs

2 12 2019

You know we’re fundraising for an autism service dog for my 8yo son so he can feel safe going back to school.

On this Giving Tuesday, I just wanted to remind people that his fundraising campaign is an option. The organization we’re using is a charitable organization so any donations to my son’s page on their site are tax deductible. You can read more about them on their website:

The money we need to raise will to train future dogs so our family and others will have hope on some of those hard autism days. We’re paying it forward. Can you help us by donating on his page and sharing his story?

Thank you.


27 11 2019

Asking for help.

I’m looking for a few people with a large number of followers on social media. On Giving Tuesday, I want to let as many people possible know that JJ’s fundraising campaign is an option that day.

Social media can be here on FB, but also blogs, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat, etc…

We appreciate EVERYONE who shares his information but we’re hoping on Tuesday, to maximize the amount of people who see it that day.

I’m not going to determine how large large is for this, so if you think you can help on Tuesday, please let me know πŸ™‚