A Little More 3D

21 01 2017

I really like 3D projects. I’ve been drawing since I was eight and from the very beginning I wanted things to have dimension and shape, I just didn’t know how to do it. And now, what feels like eons later, I can make things with paper that have dimension and shape. I’m kind of in heaven with this machine 😉



The first  is a purse from the kit Luxury Handbags at SVG Cuts. I used embossing folders to add texture to the green areas. This is an awesome way to give gift cards or small gifts.

The last two are working clocks made out of paper. They’re from the kit Maison de Madeline at SVG Cuts. I was making them for my kids, but the baby showed up while I was working on a third one and I haven’t gotten back to them 😦

The snow princess clock uses snowflakes and a Snow Maiden from the Silhouette Store, but I altered the Snow Maiden. The snowflakes she was blowing blocked the numbers on the clock.

Thanks for looking 🙂





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