The Important Things

21 01 2017

***EDIT*** Today, January 22, 2017, we lost one of our best pitchers. Yordano Ventura was killed in a car accident in the Dominican Republic. His family, our team, our city, and the world of baseball are mourning the loss of this young man.

fullsizerender51Sometimes we need a little extra help getting through life. A little extra help remembering that we are loved, we’re important. Sometimes we just need a hug.

In 2014 we saw our team make it to the world series in, but in game seven, they came up short. This team came back fighting and ready to go in 2015. They were hungry for the win. And they did it. Our city was electrified. Schools closed the day of the parade so families could celebrate. It had been nearly 30 years since we’d had a parade.

I thought about our team and the  attributes that got them to the world series, not once, but two consecutive years. I realized these attributes could be applied to life. I used my Silhouette to design this piece. The words are mine. Instead of cutting the words out, I used a pen to trace the words, then I filled them in by hand. I hope this is something that helps my children remember how important they are.




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