Hello Multitasking!

8 01 2013

First, multi-tasking  multitasking may or may not be hyphenated, obviously, I don’t know, so in the spirit of this post, I looked it up 🙂 It doesn’t. There. First issue taken care of.

It’s too cold/wet/icy/slushy etc for me to get out on my bike. A friend asked how I was doing with that. The answer is, not well. I spent a week or so acting like the big and growly bear I’d read about in one of my kid’s books. Not fun. For them or me 🙂

My husband, who can’t keep all of his awesomness to himself, signed our family up at our local community center. I went last week and oh my, what a difference! Unfortunately, my ankles object to running, so I have to take it easy. Hopefully, if I don’t over tax them at the start, they’ll get over themselves. So today, I forced myself to stay off the treadmill. I used the recumbent bike instead and brought my kindle 🙂

Last night, I had the foresight to load my current project onto that handy little device. So while my legs were turning those pedals and racking up miles, I was able to edit. I highlighted and left notes for myself that I can refer to when I pull the doc back up.

I felt kind of awesome – from the excercise and the multitasking.

Hope your day is full of awesome!

Thought So…

7 01 2013


The link above leads to an article suggesting VERY STRONG EVIDENCE that migraines and epilepsy share a genetic factor.

I’ve thought the two were related since dd11 was diagnosed a couple years ago. Happily, she’s now in remission.

My reason for thinking migraines and epilepsy were related?

I have two cousins (they’re siblings) with an epilepsy diagnosis. My daughter, and then a cousin’s daughter.

The breakdown: two boys, two girls (the boys are my cousins). As far as types of seizures, using the old terminology, one of the boys had grand mal (he’s also in remission) and one has petite mal (not sure of his status). The girls are on the next rung of the generational ladder. My cousin’s daughter has petite mal. My daughter suffered from both.

A big number of migraines flood this side of the family as well. Scary, some of those migraines seem to have progressed to mini-strokes, then on to major strokes.

I’m the oldest of six kids. At least four of us (two girls, two boys) suffer from migraines. Mine come with and without auro – depends on the trigger. Ds15 has already had a few – which were scary. He also has an aura first, and his symptoms during that time mimmic stroke (messed up speech, can’t talk, numb face, numb hand), and Dd13 has had one.

Also interesting to me, many of my migraine triggers matched my daughter’s seizure triggers. In fact, the night she had her first seizure (which we believe was the worst) was the 10th day of a migraine cycle for me. I’d battled 5 migraines in that 10 day period. I’d NEVER had that happen before. That day, I finally found the trigger – the scented oil in the bathroom. It had been there for a few weeks, and seems to have slowly overwhelmed me. I closed it, and my migraines stopped. Her seizures began that night.

I hope this new information leads to better treatment for both issues. This time of medical advances and technology really is an exciting time to be alive in 🙂

Reason 342 That I Love Us

3 01 2013

Family is a big deal to me. We have four kids, but no spares. They’re all wonderful, and wonderfully unique. I love to see how their minds work. That being said, I may have to remind them to use their powers for good.

Pretty sure my two little kids will be plotting to take over the world soon. That’s the only explanation I have for their actions.

At this very minute, Dd11 is harvesting her DNA. I heard talk about injecting it into a squid so it will obey her every command.

Ds8 is beside her at the table going through his spy kit. They even skipped after school snacks to get right to the fun.

Add in the Russian accent from the other day, and this is really the only logical conclusion I can draw.

*scribbles on post it – remember to give children dessert*

I have to wonder if this is one of the side effects of living in a home where writing and books are constant friends. Here, anything is possible. Many of our dinner time discussions revolve around them saying things like, “mom, you should put_____in your book.”

I often find myself wondering what they’ll be when they grow up. Whether it’s taking over the world, or something less exciting, I hope they have fun with it.