A Little More Christmas :)

19 01 2017

Remember when I said I made a few Christmas cards? Here’s some more 😉 The first square has files from the Silhouette Store. The other three are from SVG Cuts.

In the first one, I combined printing and cutting.  I was running out of time, so I printed one of the churches instead of cutting it. Everything was done in the Silhouette work space, including the gradient backgrounds. I also included some cut pieces on the card because I really like blending those two mediums. On the blue card, the stripe across the bottom and the tag were printed and then cut out. On the purple/pink one I created the background and printed it, the rest is cut out and carefully placed on the card. The name of this file is Winter Window. The name of the file for the blue card is Winter Church Scene.

The Rudolph card was fun, It’s all cut out except the greeting. I used one of the sketch pens to write the words for me.

Bottom left is another box card. I had the paper for the trees and roof line and the rest, but my houses looked a little bare. I used my copic markers to add the stonework to the houses in this cute little village.

Bottom right, a cute and simple box card. I stood the envelope up behind it and realized too late that my card kind of blended in to the back ground. But now I know 🙂

Thanks for taking a minute to stop by and take a peek.



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