Some Christmas Work

19 01 2017

My husband needed Christmas cards for work and boy did I have fun! I did about a dozen, and none of them were the same. All of the designs in this post can be found in the Silhouette Store.

The snowman card is a bendy card. It’s the first time I’ve played with that type of card and I really liked it! The file is called Bendy Card Snowman.

The top middle card is called Santa Scene Card. I cut it out as designed and didn’t modify the file, but instead of leaving the trees and the house white, I colored them in. That’s one of the best things about art like this – there are so many possibilities.

The bottom middle card is a pop up box card (Gingerbread), by Lori Whitlock. Fun, fun, fun!

And the one on the end is the Merry Christmas Stamp Label. Instead of turning it into a stamp (which you can easily do using Silhouette’s Mint machine) I swapped my blade out for one of the Silhouette sketch pens and let the machine draw it 🙂 I liked the nice, simple look it had 🙂

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