The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

5 12 2012

I will admit the holiday season is hit or miss for me. Sometimes I’m in a grinchy mood. Other times a jolly mood. Last year I forced joy by turning up my favorite Christmas music and dancing with the children. It worked.

But one thing never fails to place my feet solidly on the jolly side. Tonight, like we’ve done for the past five years, the women and young women from our church went to a women’s shelter in our neighborhood. We decorate the dining room, bring in Christmas dinner, and gifts.

Each year, in preparation for the event we get together and make small pillowcases the children can color and keep for themselves. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but many of these children have fled their homes, or been taken from dangerous situations with nothing more than what they have with them at the time. This pillow is one of the few things that is theirs. Even the women enjoy coloring their pillowcases.

We eat with the women, visit with them. We play with the children, help them color their pillowcases, and entertain them.

I always leave there feeling better than when I arrived, no matter the mood I was in. I realize how truly blessed I am, and how much I take for granted.

I work with the 12-13 year old girls at church, and I was so proud of them tonight. Most of them want to come back and volunteer at the women’s shelter. I think they might understand the true meaning of Christmas better than I do. It’s something that seems to fill their hearts through out the year, not just at Christmas time.



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