Reason 342 That I Love Us

3 01 2013

Family is a big deal to me. We have four kids, but no spares. They’re all wonderful, and wonderfully unique. I love to see how their minds work. That being said, I may have to remind them to use their powers for good.

Pretty sure my two little kids will be plotting to take over the world soon. That’s the only explanation I have for their actions.

At this very minute, Dd11 is harvesting her DNA. I heard talk about injecting it into a squid so it will obey her every command.

Ds8 is beside her at the table going through his spy kit. They even skipped after school snacks to get right to the fun.

Add in the Russian accent from the other day, and this is really the only logical conclusion I can draw.

*scribbles on post it – remember to give children dessert*

I have to wonder if this is one of the side effects of living in a home where writing and books are constant friends. Here, anything is possible. Many of our dinner time discussions revolve around them saying things like, “mom, you should put_____in your book.”

I often find myself wondering what they’ll be when they grow up. Whether it’s taking over the world, or something less exciting, I hope they have fun with it.


A Thought

13 12 2012
Recently read about a mom who always encouraged her daughter to succeed, regardless–or in spite of–her disability.
It dawned on me then…
My job is to give my children wings so they can fly, and someday, soar higher than I ever will.