Color Guard Shirts!

5 08 2018

Sometimes, I do this thing. My fingers type faster than my brain processes situations. For example, when the color guard moms are talking about ordering shirts to remind the band kids to keep clear so they don’t get hit, and my fingers volunteer to help.

So my fingers volunteered me Saturday to make shirts for the color guard. There’s six kiddos on the squad and two of them are mine. I think that’s why my fingers went crazy.

But we kept it simple and it was the weekend so I had some back up for keeping kids occupied while I worked on the shirts.

Here’s what we came up with.

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2 responses

6 08 2018

I love these! All three of my kids were band kids. The youngest went from pit, to bass drum, to Color Guard, to Drum Major! Her greatest love, though, was Winter Guard. I sure do miss those days.

6 08 2018

Thank you!
I love that my kids are doing it together 🙂 I think my daughter will do winter guard like she did last year, but my son may do concert band instead.

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