Playing With New Ideas

28 02 2017

One of the things I like about paper is all the possibilities there are to branch out and try new things. So I’ve been playing a little the last couple of days.

First, I decided to play with Kraft paper. I used markers and pencils. I wasn’t really happy with the outcome, so I kept changing it, trying to make it feel right. I’m still not sure I like the result. I think it would have been better if I’d used just pencils.

Here’s the progression of me trying to fix it. I just don’t think there’s enough contrast between the main focus (the bird) and the back ground. I tried to fix it by lightening the background.


I try to learn from my mistakes, so this next card I just used pencils for coloring. I like it better, but it’s still not my favorite. I think it’s too dark still and the contrast between the light house and the rest just doesn’t do it for me. I need to adjust my color selection due to the darker paper. I think pencils are good, but choosing lighter colors to work with will be better next time.



For the next project I jumped back to white paper, but I wanted to try mixing my copics and prismacolor pencils. I recently watched a few videos of this technique and loved the results that artist got. I still need more work, again, I think it’s color choice and figuring out how the colors will work together. I had to color the image three times before I was happy with the results, but FINALLY, I got to something I liked ok.


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4 responses

28 02 2017
Karen G (cardcrazed)

If working on Kraft paper, try inking the image in white pigment ink, then stamping on the kraft paper. this is great with solid images, as once it’s dry, you have a more white background to work with 🙂

28 02 2017

Oh! Great idea 🙂 thank you 🙂

28 02 2017
Amy Shulke

Love the lighthouse! Never thought about doing one on kraft but the sand is lovely!!!

28 02 2017

I really like how the lighter colors work with the kraft paper 🙂 I always think of dark skies with light houses, but maybe a lighter sky would work in this case 🙂

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