And Because I Can Laugh at Myself…

5 12 2012

Yesterday’s ride was on a trail at a nearby lake. We have to share the trail with wildlife. This is where my kids learned the valuable cycling lesson of: don’t run over a stick. It might be a snake. My girls weren’t so fond of this lesson. Or the snake.


I heard a sound off to the side. All summer the bunnies have been trying to take me out on my rides. Okay, maybe that’s stretching it, but at least twice they’ve tried to kill me. So every time I hear a sound, I check for those little fluffy tailed assassins, just to be sure.

It wasn’t a bunny. Something large dove into the brush and trees. My first thought was werewolf…

Yep. I’m in writing mode. Crazy thing is, I’m not even playing with werewolves in this new project.