You Like Being Rejected??

10 10 2012

Another rejection popped up as I was getting the last group of kids in the car this morning (there’s four kids in three different schools).

In a sing-song voice, I announced I’d received another rejection–really, how else do you handle it?

My 8yo son looks back at me, confused. “You like getting rejected?”

This was a teaching moment. I smiled and said, “Not really, but it means I tried, and that’s what I’m excited about.”

My first round of queries consisted of only 11 agents. I’m seeing how my query letter stands up to scrutiny first. Of the 11, I have 4 very nice form rejections. I really like that I didn’t get the one that said: You suck. You should stop now, and never, ever subject an agent to your writing again.

Okay, so they probably wouldn’t really say this, but it’s still an niggling fear in the back of my mind, so I consider the nice form rejections a win at this point.


I’m Legit

6 10 2012

I’ve been querying 🙂

I have 11 of them out.

So far, three have come back with a Thanks but No Thanks…which is okay. It’s supposed to work that way 😉 It’s like dating. You’re trying to find the perfect match. Because of that, most of the queries don’t turn into anything. It’s a numbers game.

I never, ever, thought I’d be looking for agents. It’s really an amazing feeling.

Happy weekend!