Babies Are Great Excuses to Make Awesome Things!

27 08 2017

Like this bag! I used the same papers I used for their baby shower gifts (you can see that, here and here).

The bag was pretty easy to make (there’s a video tutorial on the site) and seems super sturdy.


I added a little extra to the sides by embossing them because I could 😉 Inside was a Royals jumper for the baby and candy for the parents and big sis 🙂

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9 04 2012

I’m in love with a new song. Since I started writing, I’ve paid more attention to the words in songs.

Songwriters can be powerful story tellers, and they do it with a minimum of words. In their favor, they have music to go with those words to help evoke the emotion they’re trying to portray, but still, there’s some hugely talented people out there.

Lots of times a song will speak to me, and I keep track of it, knowing I can use it as inspiration somewhere.

This is one of those songs.

Skin, by Sixx AM