Good-bye Halloween

1 11 2012

I love, love, LOVE Halloween! My kids love it, too. It’s exciting to see them come up with costumes on their own, and watch their creativity at work. It’s also fun for me to help with their make-up 🙂

This year we had Bat Man – along with the deep, scratchy voice so no one could tell who he was, a little vampiress, Enchantress – from the Avengers cartoon, The Phantom – complete with messed up face beneath the mask, and me. A harlequin themed marionette. I mentioned helping the kids with their make-up was fun, well painting my own face was just as fun!

Here’s my make-up and homemade hat from last night.









 This was so much fun! Too bad it’s socially unacceptable to dress like this at other times of the year. Although, I was thinking about dressing up on my birthday, because, well, I can. It’s my day, right? Okay, so I probably won’t, but it was a good thought!

Hope everyone one had a fantastic and safe Halloween! On to Thanksgiving!