30 04 2021

Hey guys!

Quick post. I can’t make a Mother’s Ring, but I can make a Mother’s Cap commemorating the birth of my children πŸ˜€

I’m doing these as a Fundraiser for Paws 4 Autism and JJ and Bandit πŸ˜€

If you’re interested in purchasing one (or some) for yourself, or as gifts, the cost is $23, all of which will be going to Paws, because I’m matching the supplies cost, so together, we’re nearly doubling the fundraising impact.

You also have your choice of cap color and style. You’re not locked into this color or style of hat πŸ™‚

To order:

Got to JJ’s Store, you can find it here:

As always, sharing is very encouraged and much appreciated.

Links of Interest:

Paws 4 Autism general info

JJ’s direct fundraising page

Thanks for stopping by!




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