Bandit: Service Dog Files

9 08 2020

One of the things Bandit is doing for JJ is giving him “something” to do.

JJ struggles to find appropriate things to do on his own. So WE have to make sure he always has something to do to stop him from getting in to trouble. We worked with his therapy team at the beginning of the year to try and figure out how to “keep him out of trouble,” because keeping him out of trouble is proving WAY easier than actually getting him through the consequences of getting himself in trouble.

It’s helped. A LOT.

And now, among the many things Bandit is learning to do for kids on the spectrum, helping provide something for them to do is one of those things. He holds my son’s attention and that’s not always easy.

Good boy Bandit!

For more information about JJ’s story, or Paws 4 Autism, just follow the links.

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