That Time We Said Hello and Good Bye – SERVICE DOG FILES

2 08 2020

As part of our fundraising for JJ’s service dog, we can OFFER service in the form of helping out at Paws 4 Autism . And because they’re local to me, that’s something we’re able to take advantage of.

One of those areas of helping is fostering and training with the pups in training. Last year, Grady – the veteran dog who started it all – came to hang out with us so Terri could bring in two new puppies. He’s the only non-poodle in the program. He’s mostly retired and an absolute JOY to be with.




Around the beginning of March, Grady Bug went back home to his girl, and one of the puppies, Finlay, came to play. We went from a laid back senior dog to a seven month old puppy. Even with all the puppy stuff, that pup will hold a special place in my heart. Today after about five months of fostering him and watching him grow, we swapped pups again.




Today, we met Bandit 🙂 He’s 2 1/2 and has been training for most of that 🙂 Our job is to reinforce that and not mess up all the work that’s already been done. We’ll also be encouraging A LOT of involvement from JJ. With Grady, there was some involvement. With Finlay, it was mostly me because he was so young and we were at the very beginning. But Bandit is at the perfect spot to train with an 8yo and get the experience he needs for working with kids. It will also give JJ the experience he needs for working with his dog when we have his.

Yes, today was a little bitter sweet. Finlay is just the sweetest and has soul piercing eyes that look straight into you. It was sad to say good bye. But today, we also said hello. So let me introduce you to Bandit.

Bandit 3


Bandit 2


Bandit 1

And JJ and Bandit. JJ’s already taken to Bandit more than he has any of the other dogs. When you first meet JJ, you probably won’t pick up on the fact that he sees the world differently. But often, he’s in his own space. He doesn’t notice the things around him, which is one reason routine and familiar surroundings are really helpful to him. But he’s noticing Bandit ❤️

JJ and Bandit 3


Jay and Bandit 1


JJ and Bandit 2

To read more about JJ and what we’re trying to do, you can find his story at here – JJ

If you’d like to make a donation to our fundraising efforts, that would be fabulous and so much appreciated. The donations go into caring for and training the dogs so they can go out into the world and help children like JJ.

And if you feel inclined, please feel free to share this blog post to help us get the word out 🙂

As a reminder, we’re also selling Ear Savers for JJ. The ear savers help hold the mask in place so your ears don’t have to. We’re hoping to make other people’s lives more comfortable while we work on making our son’s life more comfortable. You can find out information about it in this blog post: Ear Savers for JJ

And as always, thank you for stopping by


Alta and JJ



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