14 11 2019

I found this video over the summer and it was a big deciding factor in me reaching out to see if an autism service dog would even be possible for JJ. Nathan’s story was so similar to what JJ’s gone through. The bullying is why JJ’s homeschooled. His anxiety was too high to go back after the summer.

I’ve spent the last FIVE years trying to help him understand that my job is to keep him safe because I love him. I couldn’t send him back to an environment he didn’t feel safe in (because he wasn’t). It breaks my heart that this man had to endure so many years of the bullying like my son has faced.

But Nathan’s dog, Sylvia, gave me hope. Seeing how Nathan’s life turned around, just his over all quality of life skyrocketed, that’s what I want for my son.

With a service dog, JJ should be able to safely go to school again. And because there’s no better mix than kids and dogs, there should be plenty of opportunities for positive peer interaction…for FRIENDS.

The road to raising $18,000 seems long and impossible, but there’s hope and I’m holding on to that.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


https://www.paws4autism.org/jj.html —> to read more of JJ’s story or donate

Nathan and Sylvia’s Story




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