7 11 2019

Remember how I said there’d be fundraisers?

There’s going to be fundraisers!

I posted the other day’s blog on FB and you guys are phenomenal! Thank you for helping in whatever way you can, we really appreciate it.

So! Here’s our first fundraiser 😀

My sister and her husband breed rottweilers and they’re donating the sales of their Pick of the Litter to JJ’s fundraising campaign. You can check out some pics of their dogs, and the first litter (there’s some big boys in there) on FB – they’re 2Hartz Rottweilers

Click here for their online ad rottie pups, for more contact info.

And of course JJ’s fundraising site: 

Once again, feel free (and encouraged) to share this ❤️

Litter 2



3 responses

8 11 2019

Please remember this is a group so you will need to ask for membership.

8 11 2019

Worth it to look at the cute puppy pictures!
You’ll also be able to see pics of the parents in the FB page 🙂

1 01 2020
I Had the Cutest Visitor! JJ’s Tails: SERVICE DOG FILES | ajdurrant

[…] you may know, this was one of our fundraisers, so it is now closed. Thank you all for your kindness […]

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