Wow. It Worked…

6 05 2018

Lots of times I see things in my head, but I can’t get them out on paper.

The line art for this was on Pinterest (link below). I only WISH I could draw this well.

But I spent a couple of days working on coloring it (it was great stress relief!) and I’m kinda stoked at how it turned out!

Amy Shulke is an amazing artist (but this is not her work) who kindly shares tips and tricks for using copics and colored pencils. You should check her out!

I used my Silhouette workspace to design the piece by digitally adding frames and patterns to help give it a matted look. After doing a print & cut, I wanted a little more substance to it, since it wasn’t going on a card, so I mounted it on a piece of chipboard that I used distress paint on the edge so I kept the look I was going for.

So, yeah. I can’t believe it worked. But I’m so glad it did! Still have much to learn, but I’m better than I was a year ago 🙂


Links: Amy Shulke YouTube page, Line art , pattern paper

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8 responses

6 05 2018

Very Well done. This is beautiful!! Mike Fernholz

6 05 2018

Thank you!

7 05 2018
Vanessa Gregoria

It’s gorgeous!

7 05 2018

Thank you!

8 05 2018
Amy Shulke

This is GORGEOUS!!! I’m in love with that background, might have to steal that idea!

8 05 2018

In your lemon video, you said backgrounds didn’t have to be soft and light colored. This one definitely isn’t!

9 05 2018

This is fabulous!

9 05 2018

Thank you so much!

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