It All Started 15 Years Ago…

11 03 2018

Before I was a mom, I had all sorts of free time and I drew. In art class at school my teacher had me on a different schedule of “Draw whatever you want, ask if you have questions. Next year take AP art.” It worked for me 🙂

I wanted to keep doing it, but it takes a lot of focus and being in the zone for me. With kids, that just didn’t happen very often.

Then someone introduced me to stamping. I knew about stamping, but just the wooden block ones at the store. I didn’t realize people sold SETS. And that you could do so many different things with them. I was in love.

That was almost 15 years ago and I’ve been paper crafting ever since.

I’ve expanded my knowledge base and exceeded my craft corner space. I’ve added so many different options to my stamping journey, but with the cards on the blog today, I kind of kept it old school – mostly. I did use a couple of dies to cut a few things out.


My father-in-law just turned 90. His birthday party is in a few weeks. This might be his card. Even if it’s not, I channeled him a little as I made it.


I’ve seen these stamps – the girls with no faces – I’m not exactly sure why they don’t have faces – but it was on clearance and I was intrigued! It looked like a lot of fun to color.


I needed a quick birthday card. For the guy my daughter’s dating. It doesn’t really scream guy to me, but I ran out of time. But I like it anyway 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!




4 responses

11 03 2018
The Morning Scrapper

These are so beautifully colored. I had to laugh at the number of candles to layers =cake equation. That is so cute! Love all your cards. What did you use to color and how do they look so smooth?

11 03 2018

Thank you!
I use a combination of copic markers and prismacolor pencils 🙂 Things I most definitely didn’t have 15 years ago!
There’s a trick to it. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll do my best to explain 🙂
Have a great evening!

12 03 2018
The Morning Scrapper

What? Tricks? Yes, please share your secrets (passing a plate of cookies and beverage of your choice.)

12 03 2018

Mmmm. Great cookies! Thanks 😀
So, when combining copics and prismacolor pencils (probably others too) you do ALL the copic coloring first. The colored pencils are not copic friendly.
The pencils are what you use for deeper shading, adding better highlights, and details.
If you look up Vanilla Arts, or Amy Shulke on YouTube, (I’m not sure if both work – I don’t remember) she uses this technique and it’s amazing!

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