Praying for Good Things to Come

27 04 2017

As you may know, we do not have a traditionally built family. Our family was put together biologically and through adoption.

As you may also know, last May we received a call telling us that the children we’d adopted a couple years back had a brand new baby brother. In 9 hours, we jumped through hoops and rearranged our lives so that we could go to the hospital and meet this sweet baby boy. He’s almost 1 now and we’ve never regretted the decision to drop everything and bring him home. In fact, our lives have been so richly and miraculously blessed because he’s a part of it.

Next week we have a court hearing that will discuss permanency for this little one.

We’re asking for prayers on our family’s behalf, that on May 4th, the judge will make the right call, the one that will keep this precious boy where he is safe and ALL of his needs are being met. The one that allows him to stay with his biological siblings and the only family he’s ever known.

If you could join us,  and add your voices to ours, we would be eternally grateful.




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29 04 2017
Myra Martin

A few months ago, you explained this situation in (I’m pretty sure) the silhouette card-making group we’re both in. Since then, I have wondered about y’all many times. I’m glad to know you’re about to have a resolution. I will join you in prayer, sweet sister.

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29 04 2017

Thank you so much.
A full resolution may still take some time, but if we can at least get the judge to agree to the goal change, that gets us on the right track 🙂
And again, thank you.

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