7 Kids is Hard

6 04 2017

In case you missed it before, we do, in fact, have SEVEN children. I’m not saying that to brag – pity would actually be better at times, as long as it’s accompanied by chocolate 😉

As you can imagine, life can get pretty busy sometimes. And by sometimes, I mean most times, and it’s further complicated by the fact that all of them are classified as special needs. So that most times I mentioned, sometimes feels like all the time. Especially these last few weeks.

In the last month two children have received new diagnoses (one of them received more than one), our foster son’s case took some strange and unusual turns which included an arrest, a stroke, a missed arraignment, and subsequent warrant. One of my kids was admitted to the hospital to help manage said special needs and it just happens to be the same hospital the stroke victim is recovering in. This almost guarantees an awkward meeting in an elevator. But that’s not all – betcha thought it was enough, right?

Me, too.

But apparently God thinks I’m pretty awesome and can handle more. Last night, around midnight, one of the kids called. They had a little car problem about three hours from home which involved a ditch full of mud, a police officer, an ambulance, and a tow truck driver…The important part is that no one was hurt. The tow truck managed  to pull the car out of the mud it was mired in and the kids made it home safely after that.

But you know what? None of these children is a spare. There are a lot of them, but they’re all deeply loved and wanted. There are no extra children here, and for them, I can stand taller, breathe deeper, and look at life and whisper, “Bring it.”




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