Sometimes I’m Crazy, The Little Mermaid Hat is Proof

20 01 2017

My daughters’ high school fall musical this year was The Little Mermaid. I got a little carried away…I think this was about the time the Silhouette Store was having a half price on everything sale.

I fell in love with one of the hats in the store and wondered how to use it. After I decided on the Little Mermaid theme it kind of just happened. One of my girls gave it to the theatre teacher. It included a note that read, “Thank you for being part of our world.”

I fell in love with this project 🙂


Here’s the breakdown – and you can find ALL of these files in the Silhouette store, but some may have been part of other projects.

So, the hat, really awesome design. The coral and the fish, sand dollar, and smaller coral piece were one file, but just the outlines. I used my copics to define the insides. I also created a mat for it so I had the black showing through some of the open spaces, like the stripes for the fish. Then there’s the tall coral. I also added a starfish and I got to fill in the color with my copics. I found a dinglehopper (fork) as part of a set and cut it out on silver paper. I cut two, one as the front and one as the back and tucked it in behind the coral. This took the place of a feather that might commonly be seen in a hat like this. As you can see, there’s also an anchor that drops down from the top. I wanted the theme to show up no matter which part of the hat you were looking at. The buttons and bow were part of the hat file and they are super adorable. On the top, I used the boat from the Ship in a Bottle file. Once again I did a front and back. I liked this ship because it already had the tabs at the bottom of the boat that used to slid into a slot I’d created on the top of the hat. Once that was done, the top looked a little bare, so I added some sparkly tulle to the top. That helped, but it still didn’t feel finished to me, so I took a paint brush and white acrylic paint and painted the tops of the tulle to resemble the froth at the top of the waves.

I have this annoying habit of adding lots of little details that make a piece looked finished, but I might be the only one who notices them. But I like to feel like a project is finished before I give it away, so things like painting tulle happen.






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