Oh! One More Christmas

20 01 2017

img_0587Adoption is this crazy wonderful hardest good thing you can probably ever do adventure. And there are so many things we never think of that make some of these kiddos feel like they’re still on the outside even though you want them to feel like they’re a part of this crazy family. Wow, that was a long sentence, thanks for hanging in there.

Anyway. One of those things slapped me in the back of the head at Christmas time. The children we had as infants and toddlers all have these growing collections of ornaments they’ve made over the years at church and school. When we put up the tree we let them hang the ornaments they’ve made. It hit me as I was handing these out, that my daughter didn’t have anything to put on the tree. I hated that after all she’d been through, there was something so simple that she couldn’t take part in.

So I fixed it.

Using pictures she gave me, I found Christmas shapes and used my Silhouette to cut them out. I printed her pictures after I sized them to the ornaments and handed everything over to her so she could assemble them.

I love technology, for reasons just like this. It helps bring people together in so many ways.



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