Things are a Changin’

19 01 2017

So yeah, it’s been like a year since I’ve written anything here. But if you haven’t guessed by now, my life is a little crazy. I think I shared a few years back that we finalized our adoption for two kiddos. Welp. In May of 2016 (so eight short months ago) we received a call from the State telling us that their biological mother had had another child and they wondered if we could take him. They were discharging him from the hospital that night.

We said yes.

So with nine hours notice, we rearranged our lives and brought home a precious three day old little guy. He’s still considered a foster child. The State’s goal for him is still reunification. Our state almost always gives the parents the chance to do the right thing, so there’s lots of pins and needles. A few panic attacks, and a lot of anxiety surrounding this amazing little boy and what his future holds.

But in case numbers escape you, like they do me, that brings us to the grand total of seven – you read that right-SEVEN kids. And just so you know, I wasn’t the girl saying I wanted tons of kids. Someone asked me that today. When they asked how many I wanted, I said, “None.” So yeah, this seven kid thing, I didn’t see that coming 😉 But bringing that little baby home this summer was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

So, with this mom gig I’ve got going – which takes up plenty of time – I no longer have the type of life that allows me to work on writing books like I had been when I started this blog. It’s something I hope to get back to someday, but right now, it’s just not a priority – my family is. And when I get sad about it, I remind myself that dreams don’t have expiration dates. But I do have time to sit back and create with paper, and this helps relax me. It took me five or six months after the baby, but I’m finally back to creating almost every night. The drawback? I’m up later because the real creative juices flow when the house calms down, which doesn’t happen until kids are in bed.

But yay for creating 🙂 So I think I’m going to change the focus of this blog from writing, to general art type things, mostly paper and some of them crazy. But I hope that all of them touch someone in some way and brighten their day.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂





2 responses

19 01 2017

SEVEN!!! You are amazing! Enjoy being a mom and do what makes you smile. Kinda nice to read something a little more heartwarming than a race report. 😉

19 01 2017

thank you 🙂 and yes, SEVEN. I still giggle to myself and try to figure out how this happened. The baby’s 8 months old and I’m still in shock that I have a baby again. But if I could have made it out for a good, long ride, you probably would have seen a race report 😉
I’m hoping to get out this spring and summer, with the baby in tow and get some time on the bike, but it will be on trails and such. I’m not taking the trailer out on the road 🙂

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