Marrying Digital and Traditional

19 01 2017

One of my favorite things is combining these two things. In the pictures below, I designed the back grounds using Craft Artist 2 software. I then dragged the digital stamp into the work space and position and size until I’m happy with it. Once I’m finished there’s some exporting magic that happens and I’m able to bring the work into the Silhouette workspace. There, I’m able to double check my size, add words that I can cut out or have the sketch pen write for me. Then I print it out, color it, and send it through my Cameo for cutting. On the second card, I had to color more than the focal point. Once I colored her, I realized she was too vibrant for the image, so I used my markers and added some vibrancy to the rest of the card. All three images are from Mo’s Digital Pencil 🙂

Thanks for hanging in there and checking these out 🙂



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