Birthdays All the Time

19 01 2017

With nine people in the family, there’s a lot of birthdays happening. But, out of those nine, three are in May, the rest are from September – December. So basically we have six birthdays in the last three months of the year, along with starting school, parent teacher conferences, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, adoption day anniversary, and finally New Years. I get a little busy during that time. I think that’s why I looked for ways to combine digital and traditional; I needed to create to help me relax, but I also needed projects that were laid back and I could finish in a short amount of time so I felt like I accomplished something.

Soimg_0688 here’s some birthday cards. The first two have the digital back ground but I colored the focal piece. I added the happy birthday on the first in Silhouette and had it print with the rest of the card. The girl on the chair is from Mo’s Digital Stamping.







fullsizerender14The second card I did a little bit differently. I still used Craft Artist 2 to make the back ground, but in addition to exporting the back ground, I exported the cute little boy by himself, too. Once in the Silhouette workspace, I was able to trace the little boy separate from the card. I printed both, colored the cutie pie, then cut them out. Adding that one little layer gives it some nice dimension. The little boy is from Mo’s, too.





The third card is exclusively Silhouette designs from the saying and the pink polka-dot paper to the sweet little girl holding the gift. The girl is a sketch design that I printed instead. The file was great and saved me time by including an outline for her.







The last card is a little different from the others, too. With all of these birthdays mooshed together, I didn’t want all the cards to have the same feel.

This last one was all designed in the CA2 program, but I exported it in individual pieces to get a traditional feel, so each component is a layer. After dragging them into the Silhouette and printing them, I colored the main pieces before cutting everything out and assembling it. I loved how this one came off the page on the right hand side. It helps lend the card the dimension I was going for.

Thanks for looking and have a fantastic day 🙂





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