3 Thank Yous and a Sympathy

19 01 2017

2016 didn’t start out that great. We lost a cousin in a violent way. We don’t live close and most of us don’t have money to buy a plane ticket on short notice. So one sister was able to make it back for the funeral and I sent these with her. People were helping her out, so she needed thank you cards. Obviously a sympathy card was needed even though nothing can make the situation better.

This was the hardest sympathy card I’ve ever had to make. I put so much pressure on myself to make the perfect card for my aunt. I wanted it to feel like a hug. But some people talked me down from my anxiety ledge and said things that make sense and I relaxed and just created. This is what I came up with.

Daisies, the words, and the thank you cards can all be found in the Silhouette Store. I did modify the daisies a bit to turn it into a print and cut type file.




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