Coloring Black

25 01 2016


So coloring black – not quite as easy as covering the image in black. Not if you like texture and dimension like I do 🙂

I fell in LOVE with this image by ColletteTurner  (you can find it here) and thought it would be perfect to practice using black.

My two challenges: color the hat black – without using straight black, and color the bird, also black, but not the same color black as the hat.

To break it down, I wanted two different colors of black without using black.

Easy, right? 😉

For her hat, I used neutral gray copics I have. At the end, I used black for my deepest shadows.

For the bird, I again used the grays, but added some blue, and followed up with black in my deepest shadows.

All in all, I think it turned out okay for my first attempt at using black as main focal points, but the artist made it easy by drawing such an amazing picture.



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