Holy Cow – Forever!

17 01 2016

I am SO bad at this blogging thing 😉

My last blog talked about welcoming in a teenager and a toddler. Said children have now, officially and legally been ours for a year and a little  🙂

In that time, our family has seen some ups and downs as our brood of six kids gets older and grows into their own people.

This means that writing…well. I’ve tried. I wasn’t successful. I have to focus on things that don’t take as long, or can easily be set aside. So I’ve been playing with art digitally. And at Christmas, my husband started my copic marker addiction, so I’ve been learning how to use those…I may (okay, most likely, probably) will post some of them 🙂 Many of the Deviant Art artists allow line art to be colored and ask that those who color link back to their original work. I need a place to do that from 😀



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