Goal Hit!

5 12 2012

Yesterday, I hit my mileage goal for cycling this year 😀 Hello 2012 miles!

I started out the year with a goal of 500 miles. It was my first full year of riding and I had no idea how far I could go. I remember thinking how nervous I was that I wouldn’t reach it. I’m looking forward to next year and considering different goals.

Right now, I know I want to hit around 1100 miles by mid July, but I’m aiming higher for mileage.

I’d also like to increase my speed, so I’m looking into those scary clipless pedals. One of my goals for this year had been not to break anything. I accomplished that. I’d like to keep that on the table for next year, but being locked into the pedals makes that a little tougher. The good news? Typically falls in this situation happen at slower speeds – like stopping at a stop sign because the cyclist forgets to clip out soon enough. Also, this tends to happen once or twice. Pain and embarrassment are quick teachers.

In addition to my cumulative miles and speed goals, I’m tossing in a century ride to aim for. In June, there’s a flat century – at least they claim – a few hours away from us. My hope is that it’s a good one to start with. I’d also like to do the century on the MS ride next year, and it’s a tougher route. And maybe, if I’m really lucky, I’ll get to sneak away for a weekend with the husband and do another flat century on the east coast. I’ve got a big birthday coming up in 2013, and I’d like to do a century before I hit it 🙂

Wow. What a great cycling year.



5 responses

5 12 2012

Congrats! The world is Zen when you’re pedaling.

5 12 2012

Thank you!
It’s one of my pleasures in life, that’s for sure!

5 12 2012
All Seasons Cyclist

Congratulations on reaching your goal! Please don’t worry about those “scary clipless pedals” — you will love them .

6 12 2012

Clipless pedals just look scary but it is a goal you won’t be sorry to conquer! Set them lose to start and you can even get used to them on the stationary trainer during the winter.
Congrats on achieving your goal! Looks like you have some good goals for 2013 too, good luck!

6 12 2012

Thanks guys! I want to be all grown up with the pedals. I’m sure I will like them, like everything, they’ll just take some getting used to. I found some shoes that I liked, we’ll see if they’re still around after Christmas.
I think they’ll help increase my mph average, AND, I get to make that cool noise when I clip in. I love that sound. It’s one of my favorite things about group rides 🙂

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