First Line Fun!

27 11 2012

Think I finally have a first line for this new book!

I was dancing like a maniac last night when I finally figured it out 😀

I’d been feeling like I had writer’s block, and I hadn’t even started writing yet. Really not a good way to start out a new project. To get over that hump, I …wrote.

I worked on my characters, writing what I knew about them as I filled out questionaires for them. When I came to my heroine, the first line fell into place.

Now, I need to create a few more characters, then I’ll be ready to write!

Spent all of this month researching and warping that research into the world my characters live in, as well as creating the characters. Goal is to get writing December 3rd.



One response

29 11 2012

You should let me read Emily’s character questionaire.

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