What Are You Afraid Of?

20 11 2012

Seriously, I want to know 🙂

I’m playing with new characters today. I try to create well-rounded characters, part of that is giving them flaws and defects. Fear is part of that.

That got me thinking, I know what I’m afraid of, but what about other people?

So, tell me, what are you afraid of?



2 responses

21 11 2012

Heights, irrationally so. I don’t let it get in the way, but I do have to fight it. I fear my old lifestyle and of losing my drive to live right in all I do. Both of those take daily maintenance.

27 11 2012

Thanks for sharing!
One of my big ones is worrying I’m going to screw up my kids. Or I’m going to miss something that’s going on with one of them (medical, emotional, physical) and that’s going to cause long term issues.

But my big irrational fears are needles- which has gotten better after having kids.
And water.
Every few years I make myself go in a pool just to kind of keep that fear in check. Don’t usually let my head go under though. I think with enough exposure to that fear, I’d overcome it, but I’m not particularly fond of bathing suits either.

Anyone else want to fess up and share their fears?

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