19 11 2012

No, this isn’t a post about my van catching fire, although, the insurance company was more generous than we anticipated, so this really is a double yay post 🙂

I’m excited because I’ve been world building again! Love being creative. Things are starting to come together with this book now. It’s set in the future, after a major world disaster, and I’ve had to figure out how that disaster changed the world, and how the survivors adapted. And the really fun part, figuring out how my villain came to be. Apparently, there’s more than one of these suckers (no, this isn’t a vampire book).

I’ve been in edit mode for so long, I forgot how good it feels to be creative!

Oh, I love this feeling!

Have a great thanksgiving week!



4 responses

19 11 2012

So wonderful to hear that everything is coming together for you now. Nothing like that creative buzz. Only wished my muse bit me harder some days. :3

19 11 2012

I’ve been world building since November 1st, and it’s just now starting to come together. And there was plenty of grumbling before now 😀

I don’t know how most people work, but I have to know how my world works, and know my characters before I start writing or I wander all over the place 😀

Still have to play with my characters a little more. Hope to be writing by December 1st 😀

*happy dance with glitter*

19 11 2012

-takes up a handful of glitter and sprinkles it upon her head-
Character creations and world building. I am more the character side of things, where as my co writers do the worlds. But, then I am all keen to do the plots, and direction. Some days, I can hear them in my head, picture them and they flow out of my fingers onto the screen. ❤

19 11 2012

I have almost a questionaire each character has to fill out. And I expect complete honesty from them 😉
It helps me to keep them straight. I never remember what color this or that I gave them, and it helps me know how to challenge them. And by challenge, I mean torment.

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