Love this Line

22 10 2012

Sometimes–okay most of the time–I wonder what I’m doing writing books. Is anyone ever going to read them? Are they any good? Normal fears, I hope.

So I love it when I come across something of mine that I love.

Here’s one simple line from my YA light sci-fi.

The woman was a nutcase. Who else did he need to shoot to prove his point?

Is this from the Hero? The villain? One of the dogs?

I’m not telling. 😛



3 responses

23 10 2012

You are not nice to me!.!..!!.!.!.!.!!.!.!.!!.!!.!.!.!?…!…! .?.!.:.!.!.!.!!.!..!

23 10 2012


23 10 2012

You’re my kid. I don’t have to be 😉

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