You Like Being Rejected??

10 10 2012

Another rejection popped up as I was getting the last group of kids in the car this morning (there’s four kids in three different schools).

In a sing-song voice, I announced I’d received another rejection–really, how else do you handle it?

My 8yo son looks back at me, confused. “You like getting rejected?”

This was a teaching moment. I smiled and said, “Not really, but it means I tried, and that’s what I’m excited about.”

My first round of queries consisted of only 11 agents. I’m seeing how my query letter stands up to scrutiny first. Of the 11, I have 4 very nice form rejections. I really like that I didn’t get the one that said: You suck. You should stop now, and never, ever subject an agent to your writing again.

Okay, so they probably wouldn’t really say this, but it’s still an niggling fear in the back of my mind, so I consider the nice form rejections a win at this point.



2 responses

10 10 2012
Pearson Sharp

Good for you! A rejection letter just means you have a clearer direction in which to travel, useless possibilities eliminated. Keep at it, I’m going to be there someday very soon and it’s heartening to hear someone so optimistic about the process =) Good luck, and keep it up!

10 10 2012

Thank you 😀
I’m sure a lot of the optimism is because I’m still at the beginning. I’m sure it’s harder after a lot more rejections roll in, but I’d rather be happy than sad, so that’s what I’ll strive for. A friend and her husband are both authors. He received 300 rejections, but went on to become a NYT best selling author, so the general rule in our group, is no complaining until you hit 300 🙂
Good luck to you!

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