1 10 2012

Yay! It’s October 😀 One of my favorite months. And with that celebration out of the way, let’s move on to updates!

I have a query letter and I’ve started researching agents for Deceived (young adult Sci-fi). It’s a little overwhelming and scary, but it’s cause for celebration. I’ve never gotten a mss this far. One final read through, and I’m calling it done. Feels really good.

When I told dh that querying was a little scary, he said,” The worst they can say is no, right?”

Actually, they can say worse, like, “This really sucks. Never email us again.” Or something similar. But I think something just as bad would be saying Yes. Then I’m obligated. Then it’s real. Then all the fear and doubts creep in.

If I never send things in, that will be the reason I’m not published, not because I tried and wasn’t good enough. But I seem to like challenges–hence the bike riding and four children–so I don’t have it in me to not try. But that doesn’t mean it’s not scary. It just means some of my crazy might be showing.

In cycling news, I reached my goals for the year. I’ve surpassed some of them and set new ones for next year.

I’m well over miles ridden. Goal was 12oo. I’m between 15 and 16oo, with season left 🙂 I rode the 71 mile leg of the MS Ride last week. I’m still in awe that I went that far, and that I had energy when I finished. That day, I think I could have done the 100 mile route.

Sadly, though, I’m off the bike. I really upset at least one nerve, maybe two in my right hand during that ride. I’m off until I can get the tingling sensation in my right hand to go away. It’s mostly my pinky and ring finger. My hand started tingling during the MS ride 9 days ago, and hasn’t stopped. But this morning, I noticed some improvement, so I’m hopeful that I won’t be off too long. It’s worth it though. There was a lot of money raised for MS research. I have friends that battle this disease every day of their lives. It’s worth a weird tingly hand. This is momentary, theirs is chronic.

And that brings me to my cycling goals for next year. 1180 miles by July 24th. Reach 15mph average (ended last year with 8.9 average. So far this year I’ve seen some 13mph averages) and do at least one century ride (100 miles in a day).

This year’s brave cycling thing was upgrading to a road bike from my hybrid. Next year, could be clipless pedals.

And as always, my main goal will be to not break anything. The MS ride was so much better without a cracked rib! I’d like to keep that trend going 🙂

Well, lunch is done. Off to start my final read through for Deceived!



2 responses

1 10 2012

Woo!! Birthday season!!!!!!!!!!!
By the way, you’re a challenge too.

1 10 2012

You are so AWESOME!!!!! Keep trying and keep up the good work. Love ya bunches!!!!

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