Some Writing

4 04 2012

Today, I really had the itch to write. It hasn’t been that strong in a few weeks. Last week was the first time since my mother-in-law passed away that I even thought about writing, so this is a good progression. I know that once I get into it, I’ll be fine, it really is something I enjoy.

But instead of jumping right into the new book, Sacrificed, I’m going to go back and tweak a few things in Deceived. Nothing major, but the changes are holding me up. My brain works in odd ways sometimes. I think someone just coughed the words, “all the time.” It’s alright. I forgive you, mostly because it’s true. Anyway, it’s hard for me to move onto task four when task two isn’t correct. My mind keeps dwelling on it. So, I’ll go back and take care of those, then start book two.

I’m really excited to use my spreadsheet 🙂




2 responses

4 04 2012

Of course your brain works in odd ways sometimes, doesnt all of ours? Love u!!!!!

4 04 2012

thank you!

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